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About me

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Welcome to my site!!

I take pride in capturing emotion in the moment and my biggest compliment will always be when someone tells me I sparked an emotion through my images.  
I truly shoot what I "feel" as much or more than what I "see".

I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. My grandmas each fuelled my fire with the gift of cameras they no longer used.  One was an old polaroid that provided instant images and the wonder that came with watching them appear before my young eyes.  The other, a little 110 film camera with the long gone 110 cartridges and little 4 shot flash cubes.

Those early years were filled with images of very tolerant pets and stuffed animals.  As a teen I always seemed to have a lower end 35mm or disposable camera in my hand to capture memories for myself and my friends.  My mom had a Canon Rebel and a couple lenses that I borrowed whenever I was allowed (& occasionally when I wasn't!)

The birth of my first son saw me gifted with my first higher quality, if not DSLR, digital camera.  That gift brought tears to my eyes and allowed me to capture so many precious memories of both of my sons.  As my boys grew I decided to take the plunge into the DSLR world with a Canon Rebel kit. That old workhorse of a camera and lower end lens captured some of my favourite images and travelled the world with me up until 2018.

Growing up on a farm outside a small Saskatchewan town I have always felt a connection to nature, animals, and the country lifestyle.  My love for horses has led me to pursue any opportunity to capture their beauty and the connections they have with their humans.  

My passion for action is apparent through the thousands of images captured of my boys teams!   I am completely at home at the hockey arena and it will always be my favourite sport to shoot!  The challenges of the speed of the game along with poor &/or inconsistent lighting in many arenas and typically dirty glass to shoot through continues to push me!  
Shooting an NHL game is a very real bucket list item of mine!!!




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"Capturing emotion in the moment"