My love for photography began at a young age.  I would spend hours taking pictures of my pets and toys with cameras given to me by my grandmas.  As I grew up I was seldom without some sort of camera, even if it was a simple disposable one!  


When I had my kids I upgraded to a more sophisticated point and shoot camera and eventually bought my first DSLR.
I have spent many hours at the hockey arena and ball diamonds throughout the years taking pictures of their teams in action.  I continued with my love of taking pictures of my pets as well.


I have been pushed by my friends for years to become a professional photographer and after a camera upgrade this Spring I decided to take the leap!  

I enjoy working with people and animals and am looking forward to capturing beautiful memories for my clients.  

I GREATLY enjoy action photography as well and am available for events or individual sessions to suit your needs.

As I am currently building my portfolio my prices are still in the introductory stage and are subject to change as I grow.

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